Pusong Bato (ELSM House remix) out na!!!

Pusong Bato became viral in the Philippines last year. It's not like the Gangnam Style of Psy and the Harlem Shake by Beaver that spread like a peanut butter over tasty bread worldwide,but hey, in the Phils, even kids knows the lyrics. This song so popular, it even shared the limelights of controversy when 2 artists claiming to be the rightful owner of the song.
Renee "Alon" Dela Rosa, is supposedly the singer composer of the song, while Aimee Torres, the sexy singer who made it so popular.

Well we're not here to talk about their disputes, we are here to listen to the remix we made for this song. Not really that spectacular but finally you can dance to the tune and not sulk while listening to the original song. Anyway here it is.
This remix is just for those who love this song so much. Support the original artist by buying their music.- ayee