We did it right...

It's now official..we can "legally" play foreign music live on air as we got hold of our "SOCAn License"...Why SoCan? Socan is a licensing office here in Canada that provides licenses agreements to composers and publishers..they have a tie up with the US's offices like BMi, ASCAp, Soundexchange that deals on copyright music. .since ELsm net radio studio is streaming here in Canada...we are bound not to be a 'pirate radio'..thus, we are fairly giving our share to the music industry worldwide by allowing us to be a SOCan member .. right..ah yeah! 

Thank you to the anonymous supporters of elsm for giving us this break...delivering happiness to all music lovers around the globe...priceless.

A lot of listeners ..specially the newbie music addicts of elsm were askin..What does elsm means?

ELSm is easy like sunday morning..a strong description of a Filipino behaviour wherein every sunday morning..Filipino families get a chance to be with each other..just chilling, relaxing, and listening to old retro music..or maybe the present popular tunes ..a  simple tradition of every families which makes Filipinos,  closely knitted families.... each one has a chance to chit chat...or whatever it maybe the case..we are just spreading positivity. As the saying goes, the family that listens to elsm music together..stays together as adiks..for life..haha..

Join us every thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday as we play live on air music mixes here at elsmradio.com

Thanks to all the Filipino Global Djs who shared all their time and talent to all of us.

We are One with Music.

Happy 4th anniversary ELSM..♥ The Big Pusher