The Big Mixtape Challenge 2013 is on!

After more than  a month of accepting entries, and now it will come to a close, the battle for supremacy begins. Many submitted their entry  but only few were chosen to vie for the coveted Battle of the Mixtape Ultimate Champion. The grand winner will receive a spanking brand new Denon Mc2000 Controller and 4 consolation prize winners will get a  Pioneer Headphone.

The names of the chosen entries will be posted as soon as submission of deadline ends. All of them will be posted together with their mix tape for us to listen, like and unlike. This is your chance to make the first ELSM Mix Tape challenger champion one step ahead of the competition. 

Here is how:

    All the entries will be posted on ELSM GLOBAL PINOY PAGE together with their respective mixset.
    You will have a chance to listen to all the mix tapes, more than 10 hours of dance music at its finest
    If you have made up your mind who is the best among the competitors, then let your fingers do the talking, click the "LIKE" button, make it count but remember this is not a popularity contest. Audience like is just their ticket to getting in the MAGIC 5.
    The first five challengers who gets the most numbers of likes will be the composition of the Magic 5.
    The "Liking" process will be up for a specified period of time, as soon as we close the process, the result will be tabulated, of course it you will have an idea right away of who will be in the Magic 5.
    After tabulation, we will release the official composition of the top 5 challenger and we the organizers, will start our judging process based on the following : 


As of writing, we are still getting entries all over the Philippines this shows how successful this project is. Well of course everything has to go to the process if they meet our criteria and beat the deadline, they are definitely in.

We will be posting all the names soon so watch out for it.

The awarding ceremony will be held this December in Manila, this event will be stream live via our ELSMRADIO.COM and On VIDEO Streaming. See posters for details.

This is ELSM GLOBAL PINOY DJS and ELSM RADIO, together with our loyal sponsors way of spreading the joy of Christmas season. Making our Pinoy Dj's , professionals and novices to be recognize and stand out. - ayee